About Hassan Feizi

I bring years of experience and qualification in different skills of rug repairing and carpet weaving due to my family background in the carpet industry for over 70 years.

I am Hassan Feizi the third generation of a family of expert in the Persian rug industry; I have achieved the required experiences and qualifications. I have learned the art of carpet weaving from my father and all techniques of rug repairing from my grandfather by the end of high school. I also learned other related skills such as herbal and synthetic dyeing methods and digital carpet pattern designing. Since July 1996 as an expert in charge, I ran the second branch of my grandfather’s atelier until January 2002, and from this time, I established a traditional two-person business partnership, which lasted until March 19, 2016.

The story of ASANKARAN

The required knowledge to manage a business led to me pursuing my education, so I received master degree in marketing and export management MBA in 2013. The master’s course changed my attitude to business, so I began e-marketing and communicating with the international rug firms. Due to my partner's mind, he did not welcome such practices; so we ended our traditional partnership.

Thus I established the ASANKARAN my own atelier in May 30, 2016 under legal observations and the official permission of Tabriz Carpet Manufacturing and Weaving Guilds Union.

During my professional career, especially at Asankaran, I have done what it takes to ensure the job is performed correctly and according to the highest standards of professionalism and trust. Based on my philosophy, a win-win strategy is the main key to a successful business, leading to a customer's trust and loyalty.