Asankaran atelier provides a number of services for its customers including:

Rug restoration & repairing, Sourcing & custom rugs, Appraisals & valuations,
Raw materials providing, Natural dyeing service, Carpet designing.

Rug restoration & repairing

Asankaran offers expert restoration and repair services for your handmade rugs and carpets. With a proud heritage we do museum quality cover for your fine rugs, kilims and other hand knotted carpets. While doing this, we pay attention to the original material and weave of your rug in order to maintain its original look. However we will only advise serious restoration work if we believe the carpet is worth the time and expense.

Sourcing & custom Rugs

Asankaran can source rugs for individuals and companies by initially gaining a brief of their requirements and tastes. We can normally find the perfect rug for our customers in the right colors and sizes from Tabriz carpet market or other galleries all over Iran. If you are looking for specific or unique rugs we can order to make by professional rug weavers based on your desire.

Appraisals & valuations

If you are owner of a handmade rug but don't know current value or where is it made, we can let you know more about your carpet. We have years of experience and can determine the most accurate price of your rug, its background, characteristics and origins as well as make an assessment. We also have a proud heritage in providing design and consultations to help you choose the right rug for your home.

Carpet map designing

Carpet designing is another service I provide to my clients at Asankaran. As a carpet designer for about 17 years, I have been designing the carpet maps manually and digitally for handmade rug weavers as well as mass producers. I have gotten beneficial ideas from corporation with the Persian rug experts such as exporters to create creative and exquisite designs in exceptional Tabriz style for international carpet exhibitions and Persian rug markets.

Natural dyeing service

Persia has been renowned for its colorful carpets as well as fibers dyeing techniqes for many centuries and traditionally Persian dyers have used vegetable, animal, and mineral products to produce dyes and mordant. In most Persian towns there are professional dyers, whose secret recipes have often been handed down from father to son for generations but the range of dyes available in Persia seems to have been rather limited before the introduction of modern aniline dyes in the late 19th century.

Other facilitator Services

Asankaran atelier provides some other services for it's customers such as tools or raw materials providing from different parts of Iran, customers orders delivery service, antique washing service, carpet stain removal service, providing insurance valuations, insurance claim and work on rugs that have been damaged, stained or stolen, buying or exchanging rugs and finally Asankaran is happy to work in partnership with other businesses, competitors, companies or interior designers and decorators.